What to Expect

There is no electricity here at Hafod Hedd, which means that, like our ancestors, you’ll be lighting fires for heating, bathing and cooking. There is a camping gas stove available if need be.

Hafod Hedd is only suited to able bodied adults as there are steep paths, hot fires, and drops into the river.

The toilet is up a path from the dwelling, so a torch is essential for those inevitable night time visits!

The weather is changeable here in the hills, so when packing your clothing expect all weathers.

Firewood, bedding, water and cooking utensils are all provided by Tom and Sarah, meaning you need to bring little except food, comfy clothes, a torch and your own sense of adventure.

Your car is left a short distance over the bridge from the dwelling, so you can well and truly leave the modern world behind you.

Many moons ago Hafod Hedd used to house the hydro-electric equipment which supplied the home farm with electricity, but it has now been converted into a snug and characterful one–roomed dwelling. There is a comfy double bed and a window which overlooks the secluded river. You are unlikely to find a more picturesque and tranquil place to stay.

A woodburning stove keeps the candlelit room cosy, and provides you with the means to cook and boil water.

Hafod Hedd has been created with recycling and low impact living in mind and has many unique and beautiful features.

The loo, an art form in itself, is an eco-friendly compost toilet accessed up a winding path.

In order to use the ‘al fresco’ baths it is necessary to heat the water by lighting a fire. Tom and Sarah can provide instructions on this, and they also provide the firewood.